International Women’s Day.

In celebration to International Women’s Day I wanted to thank this amazing woman for being her.

She is my wife so I apologise for being maybe a little bias, but what she does every year for our guests I feel is amazing, and I am sure our guests will agree.

Samantha literally runs all the logistics of Vassaliki, and all the business bits and pieces that go with running any business.

She is respected and loved by all our guests who appreciate what she has done for naturism and particular women in naturism. She has inspired other woman to leave the rat race and follow their dreams, and has shown women to love their bodies and themselves.

She has an amazing way of gently encouraging people to try naturism but seems able to never push or force the ideas on them.

She is to be celebrated along with all women on this day of International Women’s Day. 

(Sammy is not aware I posted this and has not checked my spelling or grammar so apologise for errors)