2021 update of opening



So the UK government have now announced the roadmap to release lockdown and we are so relieved that it looks like we may possibly get a summer session this year at Vassaliki. 

We will have to delay our opening from May 1st to May 17th in-line with the UK Government guidelines. 

Samantha and I will initially fly out to Kefalonia via Athens at the end of March, we are able to travel due to business commitments and we have residence permits for Greece. 

We will do our quarantine periods and then start the huge job of setting up the resort. 

We will have to do the set up this year without our team of amazing volunteers as they will not be able to travel until May 17th. But we are really pleased that our fantastic resort team of Kerry, Sam and our newest team member Graham have offered to give us a hand with set up, as they all live on the island.

So it really is a great time to book if you are hoping for some summer sun. As predicted, flight prices have already started to rise and will probably continue to do so. Easyjet announced today (23rd Feb 2021) that their flight bookings are up over 300% on this time last week.

I know many people will still be unsure and we understand. Easyjet has a fantastic policy that allows you to book a flight but also change it at no cost if you change your mind or are unable to fly. Jet 2 are also reported to be very good and offering flexible options.

We have many rooms sold for this coming summer but we really do need to sell more. It’s not just us, we have spoken to many other naturist resort owners over the last few months and there are many who are in a similar situation to us. We need your support now, so we can continue to offer you the naturist holidays you deserve. 

Stay safe, follow the guidelines and we will all be back at Vassaliki very soon!