Naturism, the practice of social nudity when circumstances and weather permit, has been around for many years. But theses days more and more people are seeking ways of de-stressing and gaining a sense of calm; the Naturist environment ticks all the boxes.
Any naturist will tell you that to be truly in touch with nature, to feel the air, the sun and the water on bare skin, is one of the most life affirming and amazing experiences one can have. In fact, once you have swum without a costume, you will never go back – we believe they are pointless.
When we shed our clothes, we also shed the constraints of social status, that by which we are often judged. Naturists make no such judgements and simply get to know the true person within.
Then of course there are the positive benefits for body image. How many people go through their lives tortured by insecurity and about perceived ‘faults’ with their bodies, suffering low self esteem as a result? Our blemishes, scars and ‘imperfections’ are not unique, we all have them. Naturism helps us to understand this and also to realise that the human body is to be celebrated for its rich diversity, not be ashamed.
Naturism is a non-sexual environment, there is nothing lewd or inappropriate going on (this would be completely unacceptable the same as it would be in a clothed situation), and as such it is great for the whole family. Naturist children grow up with a greater awareness of the human body and hopefully with fewer body hang-ups in later life.
So what exactly do we do at a naturist resort? Quite simply what everyone does in a social/holiday situation, except that when the circumstances permit we prefer not to wear clothes. When some would normally wear a swim suit, we prefer not to, simple as that.
To what extent must you be nude? We say ‘if it’s hot take them off, if it’s cold put something on’.  Some love the fact they could be nude 24/7 at resort whilst others will choose to just swim and sunbathe naked and enjoying dressing in the evenings or donning sarongs / kaftans.  We value having the freedom of choice to be a naturist, freedom of choice dictates that you enjoy naturism as you want to.
Perhaps the biggest benefit though is the tremendous sense of calm, relaxation and well being that being a naturist brings, particularly among such friendly, like-minded people.
 While we know that first time nerves are not unusual, please don’t let that put you off. Make the change today and discover naturism for yourself.