International Women’s Day – Part Two

Mark beat me to it with a gorgeous post that made me smile. 

He did this whilst I was walking Lucy dog and forming in my mind an article I wanted to write on International Women’s Day.

So sorry guys, you’ve got two articles today!

Vassaliki, would not function without all the strong women behind it.  Initially we have Tinkerbell Sam and Sheila sprucing up those rooms and cooking the best pizzas on the island!  Plus your drinking glasses would be dry and bellies empty if Kerry Beaumont wasn’t there to look after you!

You are fortunately familiar with these three, but there are so many more wonderful ladies behind the scenes….

Marina, Valentina and Kyriaki, who run the local mini market and bar, keeping us in bread every day, delivering shopping, translating our post!

Evangelia our fabulous taxi driver

Roula who runs Mercury Car Hire

Christina our fab massage lady

Maria plus her mum & aunt at the wholesalers where we get all our cleaning materials, catering equipment & coffee

Yiayia and her daughter at the drinks supplier

Aguero at the vegetable market

Haroula who runs the efficient & eco friendly laundry company 

Athina and her fab hardware store

Many wonderful taverna owners – Katie & Lena at Cavo Liakis, Danae at Isalos, Liana at Olive Lounge, Natasha at La Mer, Georgia at en Kefallinia.

Plus there are many more inspiring women on the island who I am lucky to know, running wedding companies (Rachael & Donna), a tour operator company (Anna), a beautiful shop (Karen), a yoga retreat and many many more! Apologies if I miss anyone out, it is not intentional!!

Finally, our amazing accountants – in Greece we would be truly truly lost without Maria Fotis (it’s all Greek to me!) and in the UK Julia Manley is a gem.

So for International Women’s Day, I think Greece is setting a very fine example – Kefalonian ladies – you’ve got this!