Vassaliki closed for summer 2020 due to Covid 19

It’s with a heavy heart that we have decided not to open Vassaliki for summer 2020.

We have had many sleepless nights and long conversations over the last few weeks trying to find a way to open up this summer but we have now come to the conclusion that it is not going to be possible.

With the continuing issues the travel trade is experiencing worldwide with the Covid 19 virus and advice from all European governments against non-essential travel, we feel it is not an appropriate time to try and encourage people to take unnecessary trips abroad. People are obviously concerned about travelling and the occupancy of our resort this summer has now dropped below a feasible level to warrant opening.

Airlines are struggling to reopen their schedules with many airlines now offering a reduced service to Kefalonia with some airlines cancelling flights now until August. This issue creates further uncertainty for both us and our guests.

Greece in the last week has taken some extreme lockdown and quarantine measures to combat the virus entering the country, this may continue throughout the summer.  We are aware that many of our guests are concerned that travel insurance will not cover any disruptions caused to holidays as a result of the virus.

Our goal is to make sure Vassaliki can continue to offer our guests amazing holidays for many more years to come. With the new restrictions and regulations in place, this would mean we would only be able to offer a limited service, making it nearly impossible to keep the social atmosphere many of our guest come for.  

We also have to make sure we keep all our staff, suppliers and guests safe and we feel to open the resort would contradict all these elements of our goal.

All guests with bookings with us for 2020 now have the following options:

1 – Change you booking with us to a future year and we will move your deposit onto your new booking. Contact your flight company to discuss moving your flight (some airlines are being very good and are happy to move bookings free of charge at the moment.)

2 – Continue with your planned flight and find alternative accommodation. We are happy to recommend some hotels that may suit your requirements.

We understand things will hopefully get better over the next few months and lockdown will be something in the past. With the governments trying to find the safest and best way to remove lockdown, circumstances will change day by day.

We are so sorry for all the disruptions this will cause, this decision was not taken lightly.

All the team are behind us and motivated to ensure 2021 will be the best summer Vassaliki has ever seen, so we hope you can all join us.