Do we really want to encourage more people to naturism?

I am an owner of a small naturist resort in Greece, My wife and I have been running the resort now for nearly 15 years and one thing we hear from people in conversation, from reading blogs and magazine articles is the need to encourage more people to try naturism.

Now don’t get me wrong the more people who try naturism, the more potential new customers for our resort, so my business head says that all the work the federation’s and it’s members along with the magazine editors do to promote naturism is well worth it and is just what we need to improve the naturist movement.

Now myself I don’t necessarily agree with this idea. It is a selfish reason and that’s the people. I am a lover of peaceful and tranquil environments where I can relax read my book and enjoy the natural sounds of my surroundings. Naturism is quoted to be “a way of life in harmony with nature” 

So where am I going with this, well many people together in my opinion do not create this quiet and relaxing environment, my personal choice is to visit beaches to enjoy my naturist time. I love the beach and I can think of nothing better than finding a small sandy bay to myself and stripping off and spending the day reading, swimming and enjoying the warm sun.


I am very lucky I spend my summers on a small Greek island which is surrounded by beaches, bays, coves and crystal clear turquoise warm water. My local naturist beach is only 10 minutes away from where I live and is at the far end of a busy beach full of tourists and locals. 

Its a beautiful beach and on many occasions I enjoy the beach bar and tavernas that are situated there, but do I want to join the hundreds of people laying on sun-loungers with music coming from the beach bar for the day in my swim suit? NO WAY!

So I walk the 5 minutes that’s needed along the beach and I find this – an empty beach with a few fellow naturists quietly enjoying the beach. So if we encourage more people to become naturists won’t our secluded beaches soon become covered in sun-chairs, have music blaring out from a beach bar and hundreds of noisy naked people?

I think naturism is best kept to ourselves!