Save our Seas

The news lately seems to be constantly about environmental issues and most of all about the massive amount of plastic in our seas. This came to light after the amazing Blue Planet 2 series on BBC1 when the program showed viewers huge fields of plastic waste floating on and below the surface of the sea.

We at Vassaliki, are big fans of the sea and spend most of our free time swimming, snorkelling, sailing, waterskiing and boating on the sea around Kefalonia.

Blue Planet has prompted us at Vassaliki to try and reduce the amount of plastic we use at the resort, so we will be only giving out card straws with drinks and wood stirrers with the cocktails.

We also want to reduce the large number of plastic bottles we use. So we will now be selling Vassaliki reusable drinking bottles from our resort shop. All guests who purchase a bottle will have free access to use our new water coolers which will be situated around the resort.

The water is dispensed from 20L bottles that are returned and refilled when empty. The water is offered cold or room temperature.  We hope that with your help we can reduce the number of water bottles used at Vassaliki by over 600 bottles.

THAT’S approximately 1/4 ton of plastic that won’t end up in our seas.

We will continue to recycle all our cans, glass bottles and non reusable plastic bottles from the resort.