Beach Clean Up

We are now full on into the resort set up and our team of staff and volunteers are arriving by the day and putting in long days work gardening, cleaning, building and fixing, but its not all hard graft we do take plenty of time off to enjoy the island and warm weather. Samantha took a few people to visit the waterfalls which only run during the wet winter months. I on the other hand organised a beach walk and litter pick up.

Our small team of four plus Lucy dog managed to collect two large bags of plastic bottles off the naturist part of Avithos beach (right side). The beach was the best I have seen it for many years and we were able to completely clear the whole beach into two bags which in the past has taken many more trips.

Well done to the team and as a reward had time for our first skinny dip of the summer and also found Marina Cafe in Kourkoumelata open and we all had a glass of wine and dessert.