Save our Sea Campaign.

It’s been a while now since we launched our Save Our Seas campaign back in 2017. We made a pledge to reduce the number of single use water bottles that we sell at our bar and have delivered to the rooms. So I thought it would be good to calculate our purchasing since 2017 and see the results of all our efforts.


So as you can see from the first graph, we have managed to reduce our plastic consumption each year since we started the campaign which is great news. We are definitely going in the right direction having managed to reduce our use of plastic water bottles by 87% from 2017, this is amazing!

With these huge reductions, we believe we have managed to stop over 90kg of plastic going into waste, which is around 3500 individual plastic bottles in the last three years.

We thank all of you who have chosen to join us in this campaign by using your reusable bottles and paying our one off fee to fill up at our cold water stations, instead of taking single use water bottles.

I know the numbers in 2021 are probably a little lower than would normally be due to the shorter summer season, but it sets us a very challenging benchmark to beat in 2022! To help us achieve this we hope to have a quicker and easier water dispense system installed which will not only continue to encourage guests to use the water stations but we hope it can also reduce the cost to the customers to use them.