Day visitors to Vassaliki

Mel and Sue have been day visitors to Vassaliki now for several years and this is their story –

After moving to Kefalonia in January 2009 we stayed at a rented villa not far from XI beach.  Over the first few weeks we explored the island while we waited for the winter to end. Things slowly improved weather-wise then all of a sudden on the 1st of May, it was as if “Someone” had flicked a switch and the beautiful sunshine we had been expecting arrived! This was our cue to start investigating the array of beaches round the Island.

We regularly visited the closest beach to us, XI , as it is a great spot, very sandy.  Being naturists we stroll along the red sandy beach, continue past two areas where the cliff is still projecting into the sea and normally choose ourselves a spot where we feel we can strip off and enjoy the sun without causing any “offence” to any other unwary bathers.
It was on one of these occasions, we had been laying there for about one and a half hours with the occasional dip to cool off, when we spotted a yacht dropping anchor in the bay in front of us. The folk onboard proceeded to get into a tender and began approaching the beach, so we grumbled to ourselves and covered up thinking that would be an end to our tanning!  But to our surprise on reaching the beach the group stripped off (much to our delight!) so we were able to uncover and continue to enjoy our day. 

After about 30 minutes or so one of the guys from the group headed along towards us and with a warm and friendly smile asked if we spoke any English to which Sue and I roared with laughter. The guy introduced himself as Mark and gave us a card relating to Vassaliki Naturist Club, a naturist resort we had found online while we still lived in the UK but had not yet found.  We knew it was somewhere near Argostoli, but we weren’t sure of the exact location, so it was timely info for us!  As we proceeded to chat with Mark, I asked if he was connected to the resort which is when he informed us that he owned it!  We asked various questions about Vassaliki and Mark invited us to spend a day there with him and his wife Samantha.  He gave us the directions as to how to find the resort and said to ring to let them know if we were planning a visit.

A few days later we did just that!  On arriving at the bamboo covered double gates we were welcomed by Samantha (Sam) and our first impressions were of a very stylish set up; especially from as we stood at the top level overlooking the pool area with sun loungers and parasols arranged around the pool.  We accompanied Sam to reception and filled out a visitors form and were greeted by Mark. The formalities dealt with, we were taken on a tour of the facilities which we must say are all top notch, the empty apartment we first got to view (many were occupied) was very well laid out and equipped, spotlessly clean and fresh.  Next we headed down to the pool area and sat at the bar with a cold beer while we chatted with Mark and Sam about the place.  

Having taken up a good deal of their time we choose a couple of the sun beds and lay enjoying the sun being acknowledged by the array of other guest who were staying at the time.  We relaxed in the sun, swam in the delightful pool, until around 1pm when we decided (inspired by lovely aromas from the bar) it was lunch time and after such a strenuous morning (LOL) we were famished!  So we headed to the bar area to study the varied menu and eventually made our selection.  In a short while our meals (freshly prepared) were placed at our table – extremely well presented and as tasty as they looked!  We ate accompanied with more ice cold beer and chatted with the cross section of guests from various countries.  A very leisurely lunch over we returned to the loungers for more sun!  A great afternoon spent relaxing and chatting, with lots of good feeling and humour adding to the ambience.  We stayed until about 6.30 pm before making our way to leave, but before departing we spoke to Mark and Sam – thanking them for the hospitality and a wonderful day, and also discussed our “now standard” Seasonal Membership, which is now in its second year.  We try to visit at least once a week and if Mark and Sam have a spare bed we sometimes join the BBQs or mezes relaxed without having to worry about the long drive home.

We are delighted to be part of the Vassaliki family, of course meeting new friends each time we visit but we also take part helping on some of the projects.  So with a huge thank you to Mark and Samantha for adding so much to our life on Kefalonia…see you soon Peeps.

Editor…Thanks Mel and Sue, we love having you as part of the Vassaliki family!  They now work for us on BBQ night with the cooking, washing up and Jenga.