What’s a girl to do?

A great article from one of our single ladies who visited Vassaliki

Lady on beachI want a holiday.

I had tried cruises with old girlfriends that after 2 weeks I would have gladly strangled. I do not want a ‘gooseberry experience’ with a suitably sympathetic couple and I definitely am not about to advertise in the lonely hearts column of the local rag for a gentleman with a GSOH and a penchant for foreign travel!  At almost 60 years of age this was yet another hurdle to overcome in the post partner life experience calendar. Since my husband and I parted company 3 years ago, life has revolved around dealing with issues of the male domain – finance, technology, plumbing, door to door sales men. My own fault I know, but that’s just the way it was.  You don’t realise until they are gone, the skills you have let slip. But 3yrs on and I like to think I am a more capable, less flappable human being if a little lacking in confidence in social situations.

However, my holiday dilemma remained unsolved, and for the most part, ignored until last summer I could bear it no-longer.  You see, my problem lies with my choice of holiday. It is not something that the ladies of the bowls club would ‘be bowled over’ by, in fact I am more likely to be ‘bowled out’, excuse the pun! The fact is that before our split my husband and I indulged in a yearly naturist holiday and were not averse to the occasional skinny dip on a secluded beach when temperatures allowed. We chose not to tell most of our friends of our predilection and those that were ‘in the know’ put it down to a hippy past that we occasionally, sadly, had to revisit. Now, after 4yrs under wraps, the naturist in me had wormed its way back to the surface and I found myself longing to experience again those moments of complete freedom and uncluttered happiness.

Where to start!? Well in this age of modern technology I tentatively turned on my computer and trawled the internet. I thought that I would not book a hotel beside a naturist beach since when push came to shove I might not take the plunge and remain traumatically dressed for the whole holiday. I would look for a small naturist resort with an apartment to escape to should the need arise. I had always loved Greece and its islands so when Kefalonia came up as a naturist destination I was pleasantly surprised and decided to investigate further.

The resort, Vassaliki Naturist Club, is quite small, only 12 apartments – this would mean a maximum of 22 people for me to cope with and that was only if it happened to be full! I thought a week in September would be nice. So, full of trepidation, I rang Vassaliki to make enquiries.  I spoke to Samantha who, when I explained that I was a single lady holidaying alone, assured me that I would be most welcome and that I could participate as much or as little as I choose.  Since I wouldn’t be driving, a welcome pack was arranged, bread ordered and my holiday booked.

In no time at all September arrived and boarding the plane with sarongs, sun-cream and my new kindle packed in a case that seemed far too big for a naturist holiday, I took my first plunge back into the blue pool of naturism.

On arrival at the airport, I was met by the resort taxi driver, who chatted happily away in English for the 20 min drive to the resort. He had obviously rung ahead and told the staff of my imminent arrival because I was made welcome immediately by Samantha and Mark, and the two resort dogs. After the usual preliminaries I was shown to my room – a lovely apartment on the first floor with a magnificent view of Mount Enos, the brilliant white villages dotted along its base and the sea sparkling hazily below in the late summer sunshine. The room itself was cool, tastefully decorated with a private balcony, kitchenette and lounge area. I felt very tempted to stay put and put off the ‘grand unveiling’ but that is the cowards way out so armed with my trusty sarong, sun cream, kindle and a book (in case the kindle went wrong) I descended to the pool bar .

My week passed all too quickly. The resort and its staff were so friendly, nothing was too much trouble. The food available at the pool bar is freshly cooked. Steak night and the chef’s cuisine evening proved very popular. Good job it was naturist because all the clothes that I had brought became increasingly tight! I sat with different couples each night enjoying good conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.

There was laughter in the pool at the morning aqua-gym session, there was laughter at the BBQ night giant Jenga competition, there was laughter at the group meze trip to a local traverna. Did I feel uncomfortable? – not one bit.

I joined Simon and Sheryle at a local fish restaurant on their evening off and even joined Sam on one of her shopping trips to Argostoli . The other guests were interesting and companionable and I did have one day out on an Island excursion which took in the famous Mrytos Beach and Fiscardo. Did I feel lonely? – not a jot.

The resort code of conduct made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  Did I feel threatened – not at all.

Would I go back? – Yes, 2 weeks next year please!