Single Womens View.

This article was sent to me a few years ago but it got lost in my computer, but having just found it it really gives a great point of view from a young single women visiting VassalikiNaturist drinks by the pool at Vassaliki Naturist Club Resort

Many women travel alone nowadays, myself included, but going on holiday solo is different. Will I be bored? Will I get lonely? Will I relax and enjoy myself (which after all, is the whole point of a holiday!)? All these questions and more rattle around in our heads, as we try to make a decision. Or they certainly did in mine. The strong, independent, 21st century woman in me was shouting “Yes! Do it!” and finally that voice won out.

So one Tuesday last August, I found myself strapped into an Easyjet seat on my way to Kefalonia in the Greek Islands, land of Captain Corelli and his oh so famous Mandolin, and my destination of choice, Vassiliki Naturist Resort. Now I have understated just how complex my decision making process was and it included an internet tour of every naturist resort in the Mediterranean. For the last few years, having dabbled in naturism in the UK, I had promised myself a proper naturist holiday. Admittedly, I hadn’t anticipated going alone, but following the break-up of my relationship, it was that or nothing. And I was determined that being alone wasn’t going to stop me.

To cut a potentially long story short, I finally settled on Vassiliki Naturist Resort. Their website kept luring me back with promises of naturist sailing and massage and days by the pool. The owners, Mark and Sam, sounded sociable and provide weekly barbecues, nights out to a local taverna, a few options that I thought might allow me to get to know some of the other guests.

Did I make the right decision? Absolutely. Am I glad I went? Most definitely. I think it was one of the best holidays of my life. Within five minutes of arriving, I felt at home, partly thanks to Sam who greeted me at the gate, ensured I had a wonderful holiday and was there at the end to wave me off when I left.

Which brings me to the staff. The complex is run by married couple, Sam and Mark, and assisted by a team of amazing staff.  Between the six of them, they cater to your every need (or they did mine, anyway!) with a smile on their face. Nothing is too much trouble - although don’t ask Mark for twenty cappuccinos when he’s trying to cook supper – actually do and see what happens!  They work hard, keep the apartments and grounds in perfect condition, cook great food, chat with their guests and make them feel at home, or leave you in peace if that’s what you want. We laughed a lot, yet they also manage to balance this out with providing a tranquil place to unwind.

The apartments are comfortable, stylish, modern, yet with the Greek simplicity that I really like – the airiness of it seems to be perfect in hot weather.  The pool is beautiful and I will never forget skinny dipping at night, lying on my back looking up at the stars and giggling to myself, feeling exceptionally lucky to be there,  and that feeling came over me several times during my week’s stay.

I needed to unwind, to get back in touch with myself, have some mental space, to laugh, to completely let go of what had been a difficult year. And I did. The heady combination of time spent on my own, meditating naked with the sound of the bamboo rustling in the breeze, waking up and watching the sun rise, naked, splashing around in the pool and melting into the hot tub. The people were wonderful and I have a feeling I have made some fantastic news friends. We talked, ate, drank, laughed, fought with water pistols (yes this was a group of adults), learnt the Dutch for spring rolls (lumpy arse in case you were wondering) and all of this with no clothes on.

Now I know for those of you who are seasoned naturists, this might not seem a big deal, but for me, it just confirmed what I had already expected… I am more me when I am naked, outside in the sun. And at Vassiliki, I found me again and fell in love with life again.

Let’s just say that Vassiliki can probably be pretty much what you want it to be. Whether you are an old timer, are new to naturism, are part of a couple or a slightly nervous newly (or not) single woman wondering whether to dip your toe in… In the words of my 21st century woman, I’d say “Do it!”. You won’t regret it.

And you never know, I might just see you there…