Quick Newsletter

Well that’s the August madness over with and the island can now return to its normal quiet peaceful self again.

Kefalonia Traffic Jam

Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy August. The island is full of festivals, concerts, beach parties and the new square in the centre of Argostoli is full of people eating, drinking, meeting with family & friends, so the atmosphere is amazing, but I won’t miss the crazy drivers and Greek traffic jams!!

The beaches in August did get busy and the dreaded textiles seemed to try and take over some of the naturist friendly beaches but Avithos, Mounda, Mania and Kanali remained naturist friendly throughout the season,  well done my fellow naturist beach goers. We have also just received some information about another potential naturist beach which was unknown to us. We will look it up and give it a try soon hopefully, so watch this space.

Naked Beach Party

Our new naked beach BBQ’s have been a big success this summer as well as the naturist boat trips on board the Lady O. We still have both these events lined up until the end of the summer.

We now move very quickly into September. The season is going so fast that I feel we have only just opened. We have a very full resort ahead with only three rooms available from 29th September to 7th October at the discounted rate. On the 7th October the resort closes for our naturist guests and we open for our prudes week. Yes we have people attempting to get a suntan through a swimsuit around our pool! I must remember to dress in the morning for pool cleaning duty…!

Press News

We have just had a visit from the Naked Wanderings.  Nick & Lins, a young couple from Belgium, have decided to quit their jobs and visit as many naturist resorts, beaches and facilities as they can, to write about them on their very informative blog. Have a look and see what they say about our resort. http://www.nakedwanderings.com

The naturist press have been busy this summer with the launch of a new magazine in the Netherlands. Backed by the NFN and UIT magazine, Bloot Magazine will be hitting the newsstands, newsagents and supermarkets in Holland shortly. This is the first naturist magazine designed to target the non naturist or naturist inquisitive market. We were lucky enough to have a visit from a journalist who will be including us in the first 100,000 copies of what we hope will be a long running magazine.

Beach Bags

Our free Vassaliki bags are nearly all gone. And we are starting to receive some great pictures from guests showing off their Vassaliki bags at other resorts and famous landmarks. We will put the best ones online soon.


We have now received notice that flights for 2018 have been launched by Jet 2, Norwegian, Thomas Cook & Thomson. We are waiting for Easy Jet and Ryan Air to launch yet. So time now to keep an eye on the flights and book early.  Don’t book flights before you either call Samantha or book a room online www.viglanatura.com/book  as we do have some periods already full. 

EYES down now for the last leg before Samantha, myself and the rest of the Vassaliki team return to the UK. Hope to see you during the last few weeks of the season if not speak to you at the end when our newsletter will offer news about

  • The launch of all the flights for 2018
  • Results from our survey
  • Reunion weekend
  • Team of 2018
  • and lots more…