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Travel is meant to excite.
What’s the point of breaking
out of your busy day-today
life to not feel the blood
pumping around your
veins? Surely you owe it to
yourself to feel alive whilst
topping up your tan? Mark
Southern set off around
the world to experience
the very best global travel
experiences to set the
pulses racing.

Adventure holidays needn’t be white knuckle to
be daunting – sometimes to face true fear, you
have to let it all hang out.

Europe’s number one naturist resort is
Vassaliki, nestled into a quiet corner of the idyllic
island of Kefalonia, where a small secluded oasis
of skin-coloured calm has been created for
holiday makers who want to go au naturel.
Naturism is a growing trend across the world,
with numbers of people travelling to naturist
resorts up nearly 200% in three years. And it’s
easy to see why, as the pressures of business
and finances build up on successful people,
stifling them in both literal and metaphorical
senses. What better way to say goodbye to one
way of life, and hello to another than doing the
one thing you would never do in the office?
At Vassaliki, husband and wife owners Mark
and Sam Taylor have cultivated a wonderful
hidden gem of a resort, welcoming to both
experienced and first time naturists, and it’s
surprising how quickly the nerves disappear
within moments of de-robing.

When we first exposed ourselves to the
elements, we had a momentary bout of
supreme anxiousness. However, the joys of
naturism are manifold, with a genuine feeling
of relaxation and calmness flowing through
your veins once you overcome the fears that
millennia of fashion repression have caused.
There’s an old Chinese saying that translates
loosely to ‘only without clothes can our souls
be free’, and all hang-ups vanish once you’ve
taken the step to rid yourself of the fabric that
we identify our personalities by. Here, no-one
is a CEO, no-one is struggling at work, no-one
is pressured into being people they are not –
everyone is themselves, and it’s liberating in the

Kefalonia’s almost guaranteed sunshine, so
you can lounge around by the pool,
or try out some of the excellent
excursions, like the fun boat trip
around the thousands of empty
beaches around the island. All whilst
wearing nothing more than a smile,
of course.

For a travel experience unlike
any other you’ll go on, we couldn’t
recommend this more highly, and
Vassaliki’s the one resort in the
world where we would advise first
timers to experience the wonders of
holidaying sans tan lines.