Holidays in Greece

Another year has rolled by and once again Greece appears to be in the news.
Last year it was a political and economic crisis, now it is an issue of migration, which is not only a Greek problem but a worldwide one. People will have seen images in the news of lifejackets and dinghies on the beaches of Greece, whilst many border crossings have camps and large numbers of stranded migrants.

Migrants Mediterranean16x9
Amidst all this tragedy we can often hear of heart warming stories of the local Greeks giving their time, and support to help in these terrible circumstances. A true gesture of “philoxenia” or ‘friendship to strangers” which is one of the most hallowed concepts in the rules of Greek hospitality. It is amazing that whilst the country has suffered one of the greatest depressions of modern times, the people still have the ability to help others less fortunate than themselves. Many of you who have travelled to Greece before will have experienced this “philoxenia” be it from a friendly taxi driver or the local shepherd offering you some of his cheese and wine!

The Ionian Islands are in Western Greece and are considered to be some of the most beautiful in the country. They are all very green with dramatic landscapes and surrounded by azure waters. Due to their geographic positioning they have remained untouched by the migrant crisis that has deeply affected islands such as Lesvos, Samos and Kos, which are situated in Eastern Greece, close to Turkey. Luckily, the general economic situation has calmed, and Greece has escaped any of the unrest and violence that has affected other regions. Following a booming year of tourism in 2015 attitudes remain positive.

Kefalonia is the largest island in the Ionian and over the years has escaped from the mass tourism movement. Dotted around the island you can find boutique hotels, apartments and stunning villas including the award winning Vassaliki Naturist Club.

Vassaliki Villa, Kefalonia, Greece 13

Vassaliki now in its 10th year is as popular as ever so we have increased our number of rooms by opening up a new naturist villa only a short walk from the club.  The villa is perfect for those who want complete relaxation, it has four ensuite bedrooms and the onsite staff will be on hand to offer complimentary breakfast each morning as well as free tea and coffee throughout the day. All the guests at the villa will also benefit from free use of all the facilities at Vassaliki Naturist Club.

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