Flying with Covid 19

Flights abroad can have a lower risk of covid than shopping or eating out!

Flying abroad at the moment is a scary prospect, even for the most seasoned travellers. Hours in an aircraft flying across countries and oceans can be unappealing for some, especially with concerns now regarding hygiene. However, a recent study may put fliers at ease after it revealed that flying actually presents a relatively low risk of catching coronavirus.

A new study from Harvard University found that air travel actually poses a lower risk of catching COVID-19 than shopping because the air in the aircraft goes through high-quality air filters which removes 99% of virus droplets.  Because of the “downward direction” of airflow passengers are unlikely to infect other people.

The study also suggests that masks are also a critical part of passengers remaining safe, along with disinfection and self-screening for coronavirus symptoms. A study said that just 44 coronavirus cases had been traced back to flights since the start of 2020 out of 1.2 billion travellers. Of those cases, most of them were reported before face masks were mandatory.

Therefore the risk of contracting the virus on board appears to be in the same level as being struck by lightning!

With many airlines offering flexibility as standard when it comes to cancelling or re-arranging your flight, now is a good time to book flights for your 2021 summer holiday.

The information and figures have been found from various sources. Vigla Natura is not responsible for the accuracy of the information.