Earth Quake on Kefalonia “News Flash”

On Sunday 26th January Kefalonia and Vassaliki Naturist Club were hit by an earthquake of 6.4 in magnitude,another struck on Monday 3rd February and several small after shocks have been felt since
The press and media have gone crazy with reports of major devastation around the island.  This is simply not true.  All the homes built since 1953 have been built with earthquake proof methods and are able to withstand such shakes.
We have been in contact with friends and business associates on the island and they have given a full report of the situation.
The main damage is in the Lixouri peninsular and the damage has been mainly to old building and constructions which have not been made earthquake proof. Some roads have been temporally blocked by rocks and soil that have fallen on to the roads which are now being removed by bulldozers. 
Nobody has been killed or seriously injured, some locals from Lixouri are living in temporary accommodation on board a cruise boat. This is because they live in unsafe old buildings.  Fiskardo where most of the old pre 1953 earthquake buildings are, has been unaffected.
Vassaliki site has been visited and no damage has been sustained to the resort, nor the surrounding area.
Everyone is sure the worst shocks are over and that your holidays in the Greek islands will not be affected in any way by the earthquakes. Large earthquakes happen once every 50 years, so you do not need to cancel your holiday or choose an alternative destination, you are safe and if we do have a small earthquake you will most likely not even know it has happened as the accommodation at Vassaliki is built to withstand these earthquakes.
Please don’t delay book now, you will not be disappointed by the beauty of Vassaliki and Kefalonia