Car Hire at Vassaliki

One of the questions that we get asked a lot is “do we require a hire car at Vassaliki” Well here I will try to answer this and other questions regarding car hire.

Well first I ask you what you want from your holiday at Vassaliki?? If you want to just relax by the pool enjoy the sun then no you don’t need a car. We can arrange a taxi to collect you from the airport and take you back after your stay. The resort has everything you need including a full meal service in the pool bar, and if you want to self cater we have a food order service set up to deliver your shopping from the local mini market or you can visit the local shop which is a pleasant 15 minute walk. We even have a mini bus take you to the harbour so you can join our naturist boat trip days.

If you want to explore the island and visit some to the many other beaches then you will need a car. This can be expensive so shopping around for the best deal is always worth it. Be aware some times the cheapest deal is not always the best or the cheapest at the end of the day. A lot of the car companies are now selling car hire cheap and putting on extras when you come to collect the car. 

Here are some of them

If you arrive before 9am or after 9pm you could be charged around 25 euro extra to collect or return your car.

Extra 25 euro if you require the car to be delivered to the resort or collected after you have used it.

If you want more than one driver this can cost you anything up to 20 euro per day for each extra driver.

Some companies now charge you on arrival for a full tank of fuel (normally at a higher rate than a fuel station) You can then take the car back empty and you don’t get charged. This never works in your favour unless you can drive the car into the airport on an empty tank. They do not refund you if you return the car half full.

But the biggest extra is the CDW (collision damage wavier) this extra can add around 280 euro to the price on a 14 day car hire. This extra insurance means you don’t need to pay the excess of around 1000 euro if you damage the car.

At Vassaliki we have a great relationship with local car hire company Mercury. We can get you a competitive price for the whole duration of your stay or part of.

The car can be collected and returned from the airport and you are meet by a representative at arrivals so no queuing at the car hire booths. If you don’t want to drive after your flight we can arrange a taxi to the resort and your car will be delivered free of charge to the resort the next day.

The price we quote you for your car hire will most likely be higher than some deals you can find online. But this is why we use Mercury the price quoted has every thing except the CDW included in the price. No extra cost for two drivers, no delivery cost and no out of hours charge. 

Now, how to over come the CDW. One way is not to take this option and run the risk that you may have to pay out up to 1000 euro if you damage the car. The other option is to purchase a car hire excess insurance policy. I found mine online at and the policy covers all the excess costs up to £4000 on any car hire up to 60 days at a time for a whole year. And the price £38 for the year.

This is in my opinion is a no brainer and well worth the money. You make a saving after just two days of hiring a car and it can be used more than once. 

So why not hire a car, it’s not as expensive as maybe some car hire companies would like it to be!