5 reasons why you should go on naturist vacation with children

Have you ever thought of travelling with children on a naturist holiday?
What do you think is stopping you?

  • it is too much out of the norm
  • it would be bad for the children
  • my body is not good enough to go on a naturist holiday
  • Or maybe, you just haven’t thought about it.

Naturist Family

Here are 5 reasons why travelling with children as a naturist is great idea.

1. Save money and time
When you travel as a naturist you don’t need as much clothing which will save you a lot of packing/unpacking and might even save you a fair deal of money. Many low cost carriers don’t include luggage in their prices (except for hand luggage), they will charge you a good deal extra for hold baggage.

Example – RyanAir has a fee of 25 to 50 EUR for a 20kg bag – each way. If you are a family of 4 and normally need to bring 3 bags then you probably could save, at least one bag while travelling as a naturist. 50 to 100 EUR saved – that is actually not bad at all

2. Easier for the children
Families with small children will find it easier travelling as a naturist – they don’t need to help the kid to get dressed when they want to get outside. Applying sun cream to a child is easier when they are naked, you are less likely to miss patches and therefore cause the children discomfort if they burn.

3. No comparison
The children will find it easier on their body image. They will not compare who has got the latest fashionable clothes and who hasn’t. Naked we are all equal with our flaws and our assets. They will find that when they mingle with other children the focus will not be on how they are dressed, but on who they are, thereby accepting other children as who they are. They will form truer friendships and learn to be great judges of character as they will learn not to jump to conclusions about others based on initial materialism. These are invaluable things to learn as a child.

4. Children learn about their body, understanding that diversity leads to acceptance.
We live in a society where everything is hidden and everything is shown at the same time.

Lack of communal changing in schools encourages our children to shy their body away, BUT at the same time, nudity is also shown a lot in the media. But what is shown is discouraging to our children’s confidence. It is either a perfect body which has been photoshopped and manipulated OR it is shown in a titivating manner, suggestive that showing your body is the wrong thing to do.

This mix gives a very confusing image of the human body – no wonder many children and young people have perplexing body image issues.

When children are on a naturist beach, naturist resort or other places where nudity is ok. Then they will discover that all people have different and imperfect bodies, there is no such this as a normality they should strive for. This will help the children accept their body as it is.

Acceptance of diversity really leads to acceptance of yourself. This doesn’t just count for the children but also for you as parents.  When you meet other people who, like you, have chosen to do something different than the norm, this makes you feel that this might be a great idea.

Meeting other people and seeing their different bodies, will also help make you accept that your body is equally different but perfect in its own way. And yes – you might think your hips is a bit too large and you have gained some weight after the birth of your wonderful child(ren) – so have many other mothers. That is actually ok, normal and a beautiful thing!

5. Get back to being ‘you’
Living together and accepting your own body and your families will make you feel that you will spend less time worrying about who you are and more time actually being who you are. Get back to being you!

When you are happy with yourself, this will rub off on to your children. It is incredible how much our children learn from our body language, negativity etc. as much as from what we outwardly try to teach them.

In a naturist environment you will find that everyone else is more accepting and interested in you as a person. They tend to look much more in your eyes and spend more time listening to what you say instead of forming judgments or studying your body.

It is really satisfying that one can find an inner peace in just being you.

Adapted and updated from an article by Peter Terp: spotnaked.com/5-reasons-go-naturist-vacation-children/3797/

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Two bed apartment

Two bed apartment twinTwo bed apartment