Vassaliki Meet Naked Wanderings Live

Nick and Lins from Naked Wanderings have invited Samantha and I (Mark) to join them to talk about naturist resorts from the view of the owner(s).

Nick and Lins have been traveling around the world visiting naturist resorts, beaches and events and have become one of the most regarded naturist bloggers. They visited Vassaliki resort back in 2017 Nakedwanderings at Vassaliki 

In this first live session we will be talking to Nick and Lins about why we decided to make the move from the UK to Greece to open a naturist resort, how it feels to be among naked people all the time, what it takes to run a naturist resort, and of course, what our visions and dreams are about naturism and the future of naturist vacations.

At the end of the session, there will be a Q&A part in which you can ask Sam, Mark, Nick or Lins anything we didn’t cover.