The Team

Samantha Staff

Samantha – Started her career in the world of corporate banks but decided in 2006 to give it all up to open Vassaliki with her husband Mark. Samantha is in charge of all the administration, bookings and daily logistics.
Likes – Desserts, Movies and Spreadsheets
Dislikes – Ouzo and Sand
Has been a naturist since meeting Mark

Mark Staff
Mark – Has been in the hospitality trade for over 25 years. He is a qualified chef and sailing instructor and uses his skills on a daily basis at the resort. Mark married Samantha in 2004 and is one of the two directors of Vigla Natura Ltd.
Likes – Dogs, Boats and Fillet Steak
Dislikes – Mornings and Ketchup
Has been a naturist since stepping out of nappies!

Little Sam (Tinkerbell) joined the team as Vassaliki in 2017 and runs our housekeeping. She lives in the near by village of Keramies with her husband and three children.
Likes – Prosecco, dessert and dancing
Dislikes – Coffee, sand and captain-hook!

Debbi is a mother of 4 grown up girls, and a Grammy to one beautiful little girl..
She is joining our team to look after our food service in the pool bar.
Likes: COFFEE!, Polos, reading.
Dislikes: Having my photo taken, cucumbers, people putting an e on the end of my name.

Mel (Melanie when being told off) has been living in Kefalonia for 14 years with her partner and three young children. She is joining the Vassaliki team for summer 2022 and will be running our bar for us. We really look forward to having her on our team.
Likes – Summer, food, making memories
Dislikes – Being cold and rudeness

Lucy was found in Greece in July 2014 at the local animal shelter as a young puppy. She spends her winters in the UK with Mark and Samantha but loves to be back in Kefalonia on the resort.
Likes – Walks and going out in cars
Dislikes – Being indoors and being cuddled by Samantha
Has been naturist all her life!