Booking Terms

Please read our booking terms and conditions. Thank you.

Terms and Conditions

These Booking Conditions form the basis of your contract with Vigla Natura Ltd. Please read them carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations. This contract is made on the terms of these Booking Conditions, which are governed by English law, and both parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts. Issue date October 2009, errors and omissions excepted.

Cancellation policy

Our Covid Policy – If your country of departure or the Greek Government impose travel restrictions that prevent your travel plans, Vigla Natura Ltd will primarily move your booking to a new date or if not possible refund your money in full. We will not be able to offer any refund if you or any of your party contract covid and are unable to travel. We recommend you obtain travel insurance to cover this scenario.

1) What happens when you make a reservation?
 All bookings are made and accepted subject to the terms set out in these conditions and the information detailed in this supplement. When you make the booking by sending instruction verbally, electronically or in writing, we will pencil this booking or notify you of alternative arrangements if there is no availability for your specific request. It is only upon receipt of your non-refundable deposit that your booking is confirmed and we will issue you a Confirmation Letter. Please check this thoroughly when you receive it and if there are any errors or omissions tell us immediately as any changes made at a later date may incur amendment fees. A contract is entered into on receipt of your deposit.

Will our room be changed?
 We retain the right to amend the specific room that is assigned for you at booking, up until your arrival. But we will not amend your room type i.e. Not an apartment or maisonette to a studio, unless it is an upgrade on your purchase. Whilst we will try to fulfil specific room requests but it may not always be possible to uphold. One bedroom apartment and maisonette are classified in the same category.

2) Do we guarantee the price? 
The price shown on your confirmation is fully guaranteed provided conditions of payment are adhered to. All prices are in Euros. Whilst we reserve the right to change our prices at any time before you book, including any special offers we have from time to time, which may or may not be the same as the brochure price, the price of your holiday as agreed with you, as shown on your invoice will not be increased or decreased, unless you subsequently amend the booking. Please check your invoice carefully to ensure that it reflects your intended booking.

3) What is included in the price?
 The price includes booking of your accommodation, maid service, linen and bath towels, use of the grounds, services of our local representatives and membership of our naturist clubs for every bed paid for. Everybody attending the club must be a member of this private club. We operate under the European Law, which gives us the right to exercise naturism in defined areas, designated hotels and private property as long as we do not offend the public eye.

4) What is not included in the price? 
Flights and airport taxes, travel to and from the airports, car hire, meals, travel insurance, visas where applicable. Our agent can arrange on your behalf transfers and car hire, which will be noted on your booking confirmation but payable on arrival.

5) What if you want to bring guests to the club?
 All visiting parties to our clubs must be a member. Therefore if they are staying for any period, even if this does not affect the cost of the accommodation, they must be declared to Vigla Natura Ltd prior to arrival. If guests will only be attending during the day, they must pay a daily membership fee.

6) What deposits need to be made and how can they be paid? 
You must pay a non refundable deposit to hold this booking, which we expect to receive within 14 days of pencilling the booking. The deposit amount will be 25% of the total booking price. This can be paid by direct transfer into our account or by debit / credit card, through an online secure merchant bank service. If the intended departure is within 8 weeks, your deposit is 100% of the cost.

7) What happens if you do not pay the deposit? 
If this is not received within the 14 days, unless otherwise arranged, your booking will be cancelled. If intended departure is within 8 weeks of when the booking is made, then the deposit is payable at the time of booking, or within 5 working days. The person, in whose name the booking is made, acts on behalf of all other persons named, must be over 18 years of age and becomes responsible to us for all payments in respect of the booking.

8) How do we pay for the full amount?
 The balance of monies owing on the booking of the accommodation will be requested 8 weeks before your arrival date. This can be paid by card or transfer direct into our account . Any monies accrued during your stay spent either at the pool bar or on excursions will be payable upon departure from the club..

9) What happens if we change your holiday?
 Although it is unlikely that we will have to make any changes to confirmed bookings, it can happen. Changes are usually of a minor nature, and we will advise you at the earliest possible date, if there is time, before your arrival. If a major change occurs, provided it does not arise from events beyond our control, you will have the choice of (a) accepting the changed arrangements, (b) purchasing another available holiday from us, or (c) cancelling or accepting the cancellation and receiving a full refund of all monies paid to us.

10) What happens if Vigla Natura Ltd are forced to cancel your holiday?
 We reserve the right, in any circumstance, to cancel your holiday. We will endeavour to not cancel your holiday less than 8 weeks before the scheduled departure date, except in circumstances that are beyond our control. If we are no longer able to provide the holiday originally booked under circumstances Vigla Natura Ltd are responsible for, we will return your deposit, or offer you an alternative holiday of a comparable standard. We are not liable to cover any additional costs you may have incurred for flights, car hire or any other service not operated by Vigla Natura Ltd.

11) What happens if you want to make changes to your booking?
 If you wish to change your holiday in any way, and we can accept the change, you may be liable to an administration charge of €25, in addition to any charges arising from changes in price if the amendment moves the booking into a different season.
 Please Note:
(i) No changes are allowed from a full price holiday to a special offer holiday.
(ii) No changes are allowed from one year to another. This would be treated as a cancellation.
(iii) If there is a change in the number of persons booked on the holiday, that requires a sofa bed or zed bed to be used, the price will be recalculated on the basis of the amended party size, subject to availability and the booking will be re-invoiced accordingly.

12) What happens if you cancel your booking?
 If you wish to cancel your holiday, this must be done in writing or electronically by the person in whose name the holiday is invoiced (or the travel agent through which the booking was made). The effective date for any cancellation will be the date we receive it at our office. If you cancel, a cancellation charge will be levied as per below: More than 42 days loss of deposit, 29 – 42 days 50% of total booking , 22 – 28 days 60% of total booking, 1 – 21 days 100% of total booking

13) What are Vigla Natura Ltd liable for?
 We accept responsibility for the acts and/or omissions of our employees while acting within the scope of, or in the course of their employment with us. We also accept responsibility for any deficiencies in the services we are contractually obliged to provide, or the failure of such services to reach a reasonable standard.

14) What are Vigla Natura Ltd not liable for?
 We are unable to accept responsibility for any aspect of your holiday affected by matters over which we have no control. These include war or threat of war, riots and civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, earthquakes, weather conditions, fire, flood, drought, industrial disputes, government action, airport regulations and closures or technical transportation problems which may affect the service of apartments abroad or other circumstances amounting to force majeure. We are unable to accept responsibility for the closure of the club if brought about by parties over whom we have no control. We do not accept responsibility in respect of death, bodily injury or illness of any person taking one of our holidays, except when caused by the negligent acts and/or omissions of our employees while acting within the scope of, or in the course of their employment. If we are forced to cancel your holiday we cannot be held responsible for other aspects you may have booked independently such as flights or car hire etc.
We have done our best to ensure that our website and documentation are accurate at the time of going to press. However, you will appreciate that we do not own the accommodation and changes may occur. On occasions, especially during low season, certain facilities or amenities such as tourist attractions, restaurants etc, may not be open or available as advertised, due to maintenance, weather conditions, lack of demand or for other reasons outside our control. 
Although we make every effort to provide all the facilities you would expect from your holiday, it is possible that from time to time, especially in high summer, you may experience such things as a temporary power cut or water shortage. In the low season, and on Public Holidays, some of the public facilities may not be available. Also during local festivals, villages that are normally peaceful may be transformed. Sadly, there are no seasonal building restrictions and we have no control over such matters. We cannot be held responsible for mosquitoes, ants and other insects, which are common in warmer climates; nor can we be held responsible for aggravations such as goats, dogs or cats roaming around or late night noise.

15) What happens if you break or damage anything on your holiday? 
You are responsible for any breakages or damages caused by you or any member or your party during your stay in your accommodation. It is your responsibility to either resolve the situation or make full payment to our representative before your departure.

16) What about Travel Insurance? 
We insist that our clients arrange Travel Insurance for their holiday. Your holiday insurance will cover cancellation, delays, injuries etc. providing you have a valid reason which meets the insurance policy’s criteria.

17) What happens if you complain about your holiday? 
If a problem arises during your holiday, it is important that you advise the supplier and/or representative at the earliest opportunity, who will endeavour to put things right. We cannot accept responsibility for issues raised after you have departed if it was not brought to our attention during your stay to give us the opportunity to correct or minimise any problems.

18) What if you or any of your party has special requirements?
 You must inform us at the time of making your booking of any special/specific requests which you may have so that we are able to make arrangements, as far as reasonably possible, to cater for them. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to cater for all special/specific requests. We may have to make a charge to meet the costs of providing them. Please note that such requests do not form part of our contractual obligations and we have no liability to you if they are not met. If you or any member of your party has any medical condition or disability that may affect your holiday, it is vital that you tell us before you confirm your booking so that we can advise as to the suitability of our accommodation because we have many steps on-site.

19) What happens if we suspect misbehaviour? 
We reserve the right in our absolute discretion to terminate without notice the holiday arrangements of any customer whose behaviour is such that it is likely, in our opinion, to cause distress, damage, danger or annoyance to other customers, property or any other third party. Under such circumstances we will be under no obligation whatsoever to offer refund or compensation of costs you may incur. Under no circumstances are you entitled to sub-let your accommodation with anyone other than those persons shown on your booking.

20) What are the naturist rules at our naturist resorts?
1) Nudity is both normal and expected within the whole of the complex, weather permitting
2) Photography and video is prohibited in all public areas if it involves others without their express permission
3) Adults in charge of children are responsible for their behaviour at all time s
4) No improper conduct, offensive or unacceptable sexual behaviour will be allowed
 5) We request that large genital jewellery is removed or replaced by a smaller discreet alternative
6) Single travellers are permitted at the resort but not in large groups, please email or telephone to discuss your booking
7) Our excursions or sailing trips all guests must adhere to the club rules and regulations.

21) Naturist Sailing  On receipt of the deposit to confirm your naturist sailing cabin, you are liable for the full cost of the cabin even if you have to cancel your booking, unless Vigla Natura Ltd are able to resell the cabin.

What passport, visa, and health requirements are there? It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a current passport valid for travel , and a visa should you require one. British citizens require a full 10-year passport valid for two months after your return date. Children and Infants born after the 5th October 1998 are required to have a passport of their own. We suggest that the passport’s validity lasts for six months longer than your planned return date. If you do not hold a British or EU passport it is vital that you check current entry requirements with the countries consulate.
Always check with your doctor as to which inoculations and health requirements are advisable or necessary for your holiday well before you travel. Information on health is contained in the Department of Health leaflet ‘The Travellers Guide to Health’ available from most Post Offices. It is also advisable that prior to departure, you complete an E111 form available from the Post Office. Foreign Office travel advice is readily available from the Travel Advice Unit on 020 7238 4503. Travel advice is also available on the internet at