Naturist Beaches

Kefalonia does not have any official naturist beaches as yet, but does have a number of beautiful beaches that naturists use on a regular basis. Details of how to reach them will be available in your resort welcome book. (Starting at our closest beach and going anti-clockwise round the island.)

Kefalonia Naturist Beach


(10 min drive from Vassaliki)
This beach is a mixture of sand and large rocks. It is a flat five minute walk to the naturist area. Plenty of parking with local taverna nearby for lunch and drinks. We visit the beach regularly and enjoy a peaceful day with good swimming and rock exploring. It is the closest beach to Vassaliki Naturist Club and is approximately 2km (1.5mile) from the resort. It takes 50 minutes steep walk downhill from resort through the fruit fields or just 10 minutes in the car.


(15 min from Vassaliki)
This is a popular beach with our guests . We have visited it several times and found it busy with naturists on each occasion. Sandy long beach divided into three large coves by large rocks. Naturists seemed to be in all three bays.


(20 min drive from Vassaliki)
This beach is normally found empty except for one or two other naturists. It is a large beach made of soft sand and fine shingle. You need to park at the top of the cliff next to the first monastery and walk the tricky track down to the beach (15 – 20mins.) There is a fresh water spring at the beach which is great for a quick cool off. We recommend this beach, the path is well worth the walk as it can be a great day out.


(45 min drive from Vassaliki)
This beach is a favourite of Marks and many of our guests, a good number of naturists use the far end of the beach to enjoy their day. It is an easy walk from Mounda hotel which has plenty of parking. This beach is great for snorkelling on the far peninsular.


(30min drive from Vassaliki)
We find the southern end of this beach very quiet most of the summer, but can at the height of season get taken over by textile bathers. The beach is very rocky but small shingle can be found at the south end of the beach which is being used by naturists. Worth a visit if you are in the area.


(1hr 30min drive from Vassaliki)
We have visited several bays both to the north and south of Fiskardo by using a self drive motor boat which are available to hire for the day from the busy town quay. We found most bays were suitable for naturist sunbathing. All the beaches are large shingle and may require jelly shoes but you will find some of the best snorkelling in these bays.


(near Aghios Kiriakis) (40 min drive from Vassaliki)
This beach is situated on the north of the Lixouri peninsular. The road down to the beach has been reasonably restored but is still a gravel track which is quite steep in places. There is a small car park near the beach which is small shingle with large rocks dividing the beach into small coves. We went left at the car park and found a lovely cove with several other naturists. The water is clear and has some interesting snorkelling.

Platia Amos

(30 min drive and 20 min ferry from Vassaliki)
We found this beach regularly used by naturists. We visited by boat but it can be reached by a long set of steps. It is situated on the west coast of the Lixouri peninsular and is a mixture of fine stone and sand. The water is clear but snorkelling is not so interesting. The walk down looks hard but what a great beach, loads of room to sunbathe and swim.


(20 min drive and 20 min ferry from Vassaliki)
Mania beach is a little further west of XI and we found several naturist couples on a sandy beach in a small cove. It is an easy drive, with good parking and only a short two minute walk to the naturist area. Mania beach with red sand and gentle shelving water is great for a family day on the beach. We visit this beach on our boat trip and take the opportunity to use the clay from the cliffs for an all over body scrub.